Business Travel Tips

Business Travel Tips

Business Travel Tips

Traveling for business isn’t always easy. Sleeping on planes, packing constantly for trips and staying glued to your mobile device can derail your routine and make you grumpy.

So we will see how to make business travel easier, and should you find yourself staring at increased travel in the near future, hope you find a helpful tip or two.

Planning Your Trip
While any sharp entrepreneurial mind knows there is no such thing as a perfect plan and one needs to always have a contingency, the very same mind puts immense value in meticulous planning. Even workaholics need to eat and sleep in order to function and how you utilize your time is important. Always plan your trip keeping in mind your business needs as well as personal needs.

Booking Your Flight
Always book flights leaving enough time for unforeseen delays. It also helps if you keep a margin of time between when you land and when it’s time to get to your work meeting. This allows you to check-in to your hotel or prepare for the meeting or even just take a few personal moments to be rested and refreshed. Another handy tip is to know alternate flight schedules for your destination in case of cancellation or change in your plans.

Power up
Charge up all devices and your batteries before you go. Then bring an all-purpose USB charger, just in case. If your device has removable batteries, a fully charged spare can help keep you online and in business.

Keep a Bag Packed
Save time packing by keeping a carry-on suitcase packed with the minimal amount of clothing, shoes and accessories you need. Trade bulky laptops for thinner laptops and tablets such as a MacBook Air or an iPad. Replace hardcovers with eBooks. If you must bring a coat or bulky shoes, wear them on the plane to avoid taking up space in your luggage.

5. Plan for the unexpected
Even as a seasoned traveler, I’ll encounter situations I didn’t plan for, whether it’s a half-day delay or the simple act of getting to a hotel or meeting location in a new country where I don’t speak the language. Build buffer time into your schedule, bring entertainment options, and you’ll keep your stress level lower.

Keep Customer-Service Numbers Stored in Your Phone
Keeping customer-service numbers handy offers quicker access to the right people if a flight is cancelled or you need to change a hotel or car reservation, rather than waiting in line once you’re there.

Researching Your Destination
Most people only research a destination when they go on holiday. But it is just as important for a business trip. While sight-seeing may not be a priority, you do require other information regarding the place you’re visiting. A few things to research are the general layout of the city/town, the weather during your trip, the local business culture and the lifestyle and traditional customs of the people. Read the local news and be informed regarding any events or protests that could cause delays or problems during your trip.

Mixing Business with Pleasure
If possible try and do one thing on your trip purely for fun. You could visit a museum, try local cuisine, go shopping for local merchandise, and catch up with old friends or almost anything that interests you. A little downtime is a key to productivity and you will have something to look forward to at the end of a stressful trip.

These clever tips and smart tricks are what every entrepreneur needs to travel like a pro!